5 Advanced Video Marketing Tactics for Drip Email Automation

Drip + ConvertPlayer: How to Turn Any Video into a Highly Effective Opt-in Form

In this video we go trough a bit more advanced topics on how to use videos in your drip email marketing. And how to combine the power of ConvertPlayer together with Drip.

Topics covered in this video:

1) How to launch a Campaign or Workflow directly from a video (0:52)

2) How to use other videos in your marketing (2:24)

3) How to use video conversion events  (3:35)

4) Using geo-location to segment video viewers (6:43)

5) Using video triggers in advanced workflows (7:47)

I hope you found it useful and let me know in the comments what else would you like to know about using Drip with videos!

The full article is also available at Drip’s Blog

Author: Simon Payne

Simon, the founder of both LeadPages and his newest company, ConvertPlayer is a serial entrepreneur, technical mastermind, hacker and now video marketer. In less than four years, Simon Payne’s company LeadPages grew from just two other founders and himself; to 160 employees worldwide, with over $38M in venture capital raised and over 50k active customers, while being profitable from the very beginning. In case that isn’t impressive enough for you, Simon would soon after that leave his company, challenging himself to do it all again with his second venture. This time, all by himself.