ConvertPlayer and SendinBlue Integration


We’re excited to announce that ConvertPlayer is making it easier than ever to convert leads from your video marketing with our new integration with SendinBlueOnce your viewer is engaged and responds to your strategic call to action, their contact information will seamlessly synchronize with your SendinBlue account for all your future email campaigns. With each new integration, ConvertPlayer aims to give you the tools to grow your business with each new contact.

SendinBlue is an awesome tool for businesses of all sizes that want to step up their email marketing to engage and nurture contacts and convert customers. Once you integrate SendinBlue with ConvertPlayer, you’ll be able to automatically add and segment contacts into lists in SendinBlue for your email marketing. As soon as a contact submits their information via your ConvertPlayer email opt-in box, they’ll begin their journey through your SendinBlue automated marketing funnel. As a result, there’s no delay between a new contact engaging with your video content and taking the next step to becoming a customer!

How to Integrate SendinBlue with ConvertPlayer

Before getting started

Create a ConvertPlayer account:
Create a SendinBlue account:

Integratating SendinBlue in ConvertPlayer

  1. Login to your ConvertPlayer account.
  2. Add your video URL.
  3. Configure your email opt-in box.
  4. Select SendinBlue from the email integration list
  5. Authorize connection with SendinBlue by inputting your SendinBlue API Key. This is found in your SendinBlue account by selecting SMTP & API from the left sidebar.
  6. Select the destination SendinBlue contact list from the dropdown menu.sendinblue-convertplayer-integration
  7. Back in the Video Editor, select whether to collect subscriber names by checking “Yes” in the category “Ask for Name.”sendinblue-convertplayer-integration
    Now that your connection between SendinBlue and ConvertPlayer is authorized, you will no longer need to provide your SendinBlue username and password with future videos. Simply repeat the steps for adding email opt-in boxes and selecting the appropriate contact list for all your future videos.


Author: Simon Payne

Simon, the founder of both LeadPages and his newest company, ConvertPlayer is a serial entrepreneur, technical mastermind, hacker and now video marketer. In less than four years, Simon Payne’s company LeadPages grew from just two other founders and himself; to 160 employees worldwide, with over $38M in venture capital raised and over 50k active customers, while being profitable from the very beginning. In case that isn’t impressive enough for you, Simon would soon after that leave his company, challenging himself to do it all again with his second venture. This time, all by himself.